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"Nature Meets Elegance: Our Experience DJing the Jones Wedding at High Grove Estate"

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

The Jones wedding at High Grove Estate in Fuquay-Varina was an event to remember. The estate's atmosphere emanated an air of ageless refinement and traditional beauty, making it the ideal location for the couple's special day.The ceremony area was set against a backdrop of lush greenery and a serene lake, complemented by an 18-foot pergola that added a rustic touch to the setting with its warm chestnut hues. The couple exchanged vows against this idyllic scenery, creating a truly romantic atmosphere that set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Moving on to the reception area, the draped ceilings, twinkling lights, sparkling antique chandeliers, and fireplace added warmth, charm, and a touch of glamor to the room. It was a perfect blend of classic and contemporary, making the space feel both welcoming and sophisticated. Our team at Touch of Class had the pleasure of working with Tierny of Tierney Riggs Photography, who captured the essence of the day beautifully.

One unique aspect of the wedding was that the couple did not want any line dances. As DJs, we love to get people moving and grooving on the dance floor, so we knew we had to build it organically. We started with some upbeat tunes during cocktail and dinner to set the tone, and gradually expanded the playlist as the dancing started. We made sure to read the crowd and played something for everyone, whether it was classic hits, modern chart-toppers, or timeless favorites.

Overall, it was a night to remember. The Jones wedding was a true reflection of the couple's personalities, with its unique blend of elegance, romance, and fun. We were honored to be a part of their special day and thrilled to see everyone having a great time on the dance floor. It was a perfect reminder of why we do what we do, and we look forward to creating more unforgettable memories for our clients in the future.


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